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    96mm T-Slot Extrusion

    The Studica T-Slot Extrusion is available in 10 different lengths from 48mm to 1000mm. It is strong while light weight. It can be easily cut to your own custom size. It has a 14mm through hole that will fit the Studica 6mmID x 14mmOD Flanged Bearing or Bronze Bushing. It uses the M3 T-Slot Nut Hammer Head Series 20.  It also has four M3 threaded holes on each end. Use it as structure on infinite applications.


    • Material:  6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Length: 96mm
    • Weight: 0.253kg
    • Step File
    MFR Part #: 76127
    Availability: 1075 in stock
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    6mm D-Shape Collar Clamp

    ( 1238 In stock)

    May be used with 6mm D-Shape Shaft to secure wheels in their position.


    • Φ20.0mm*8.0mm thick
    • 1*M3 thread for M3 SHCS on the clamp side
    • Φ6.0mm D hole
    • AL6061-T6
    • Step File

    34 Pin MXP extender cable - 8 inch

    ( 624 In stock)

    Multi-Mode Smart Servo 200 - FAST

    ( 1278 In stock)

    The Multi-Mode Smart Servo 200 rotates at 200RPM. This angular programmable Servo can fill a variety of roles on your robot or project. In standard mode, it operates on a +/- 150-degree range. Using the Studica Smart Robot Servo Programmer (sold separately) the Multi-mode Smart Servo can be configured to run in continuous, standard, and custom angular mode. In continuous rotation mode, the servo will have proportional speed control based on the PWM signal that you send with your servo controller.  

    Enhanced Wheel Hub Kit

    ( 1385 In stock)

    Used with Studica Omni and Mecanum wheels for a strong axel hold.


    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Color: Blue
    • Step File

    Light Weight Shaft Hub

    ( 3171 In stock)

    The Studica Light Weight Shaft Hub is used with the 6mm D shafts. It has a 5mm set screw for tight clamping and seven M3 tapped mounting holes.


    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • 6mm D Shaft ID
    • M3 tapped hole pattern for connecting to structure
    • Step File 

    Small Thrust Ball Bearing 6mm ID, 12mm OD (12 pack)

    ( 757 In stock)

    The Small Thrust Ball Bearing is used for vertical and axial loads to withstand heavy loads. These ball bearings have track grooves on the upper and lower track boards to reduce friction. Use these with structure for any hole where an axial load will be applied.


    • Bore Diameter - 6mm
    • Outer Diameter - 12mm
    • Outer Diameter Pilot: 11.8mm
    • Ball Diameter: 2mm
    • Height - 4.5mm
    • Material: Chrome Steel GCr15
    • Step file

    U-Channel Bumper (4 pack)

    (In stock)

    The Studica U-Channel Bumper is connected to the end of the Studica 48mm U-Channel and helps remove sharp corners that can cause damage when the robot is bumping into other objects. It also creates an ecstatically clean finish to your robot.


    • Material: Silicomn/Rubber
    • Hardness: 50-60 Shore A
    • Length: 48mm
    • Width: 48mm
    • Thickness: 10.75mm
    • Color: Black
    • Step File