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    Announcing the FTC Starter Kit 2021

    Announcing the FTC Starter Kit 2021

    Since 2015, the Studica Robotics build system has been used around the world by WorldSkills competitors to build award-winning competition robots. Its intuitive channel-based system makes it easy to rapidly prototype, build and iterate robot designs. With the Studica FTC Starter Kit, you’ll get everything your FTC team needs to build a functional chassis with a lift system and grabber. As an added bonus the unique hole pattern allows compatibility with most FRC and FTC building systems giving you the opportunity to combine structure and electronics.

    FTC Starter KitWhat Do You Get with the FTC Starter Kit?

    The FTC Starter Kit contains almost 1,250 parts to help you construct your FIRST Tech Challenge robot. This kit is intended to give any level FTC team a strong foundation that they can build on.

    Key Features:

    60+ Pieces of Lightweight Aluminum Structure

    • Build robust robots without the need for extensive machine shop facilities.

    Compatibility with Almost Any FTC legal motor

    • Use motors and gearboxes you already own. Easily mount any supplier’s motors or gearboxes to the Studica construction system.

    Multi-Mode Smart Servo

    • In the default mode, the servo is able to rotate 300 degrees while having positioning feedback.
    • In this mode, the PWM signal will determine the position of the servo.
    • Using the supplied Servo Programmer the servo can be toggled into continuous rotation mode.

    Knowledge Is Power

    To get you started we have designed three sample robots to get you started.

    1. Base Robot - This robot serves as an excellent base for your build. If you’d like to achieve full holonomic movement for your robot - you can upgrade to a mecanum drive base with a few additional parts.
    2. Camp Robot – This versatile robot is small enough to drive around through narrow gaps and perfect for teams that might not be able to build a larger robot. This is also an ideal robot for use in the classroom, camps, and other robotics programs.
    3. Tricycle Robot – This innovative and unique robot provides a stable base and it fits through narrow gaps while providing the ability to drive like a mecanum wheel robot. It uses a holonomic three-wheel drive base that Studica Robotics has been perfecting based on our experiences in the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Challenge. It also includes the new Studica Robotics GT2 Belt system.

    Customers will have access to our new online docs page Base to quickly get up to speed on how to use the construction system and fine programming tips to get you started in Blocks, OnBot Java or Android Studio.

    NOTE: The Starter kit does not include the following:

    • Control and Communications Set
    • Electronics Modules and Sensors Set
    • Battery, Charger of FTC Legal Motors
    Base Robot - FTC Starter Kit 2021-2022 Base Robot Camp Robot - FTC Starter Kit 2021-2022 Camp Robot Tricycle Robot - FTC Starter Kit 2021-2022 Tricycle Robot


    In addition, Studica Robotics offers additional unique structural and motion components, channels, and other building components for adding features to your robot that can allow you to excel even more in the challenge.

    This kit can be used by teams during the Build season, for competitions, and in the off-season. All the components work easily together, no machine shop is needed. You can easily disassemble and reassemble parts as needed. The unique hole pattern allows compatibility with most FRC and FTC building systems giving you the opportunity to combine structure and electronics.

    In addition to robotics competitions, the FTC Starter Kit is also ideal for classroom use. It is an excellent tool for teaching Mechanics, Design, CAD, Electrical, Programming, and more.



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