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    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    We believe learning new skills can change lives.

    Studica is a proud Global Partner of the WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics Competition. With over 38 years of experience serving academia, Studica designs, manufactures, and distributes robotics technology products used by WorldSkills member countries to teach robotics and compete at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Through this competition and program, students learn the engineering skills in designing, prototyping, building, and programming autonomous mobile robots (AMR), automated guided robots (AGR), and autonomous vehicles.

    The authorized WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics Collection required to prepare for and compete in the WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics competition, is available exclusively at Studica.

    Member countries have access to training material such as PDF’s and videos and the support of Studica Robotics. This program promotes peer learning whereby new member countries will improve their robotics technology skills through engagement in training and the competition against other countries.



    Why Autonomous Mobile Robotics?

    Autonomous Mobile Robotics and robotic engineering are an impactful way to introduce students to developing technology. The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition is designed to strengthen the following skills:

    • Mechanical and electronic development
    • Sensor and drive technology
    • Programming
    • Mathematics
    • Reading and comprehension
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork 


    Is Autonomous Mobile Robotics Right for You?

    Do you enjoy the following?

    • Designing
    • Fixing things
    • Making things that move
    • Using computers
    • Using tools
    • Working as a team

    Then Mobile Robotics is right for you

    ** For technical documentation, CAD files, Training videos, and software, visit our WorldSkills Resource Page

    ** Visit the EVENTS page to see old and new WorldSkills Competitions

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