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    OMOROBOT R1 mini Pro


    Small mobile platform for autonomous driving education/development

    Autonomous driving research that continues with one robot from beginners to experts.


    • -RI mini
    • Nvidia Jetson nano
    • YDLidar X4
    • Raspberry pi camera
    • Support ROS and ROS2 development kits
    • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano



    Size 193x165x67 (mm)  
    Weight Approx. 1050g (Based on the main body, including battery)
    Battery  Li-ion 18650 (3S1P 3.7V 2600mAh)
    Main controller STM32F103
    External input    button input      
    External output Motor, Color RGB LED, Buzzer, Headlight LED
    Power input   12V      
    Power output    5V 3A
    Sensors Encoder, Attitude Sensor (IMU), Current Measurement Sensor 
    Wired communication interface RS-232(TTL) 1115, 200bps (Communication protocol provided separately) Can bus 500Kbps
    Wireless communication interface ESP8266 Wi-Fi communication module (Arduino IDE)




    mySTEM Project Board for NI myDAQ


    <p>The&nbsp; <b>mySTEM™ Control &amp; Project Board for NI myDAQ</b> is an essential tool for the introduction of control systems. It is ideal for teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The mySTEM™ Project Board comes with learning resources that may be used by any beginner in the STEM field to gather data, make decisions and control output devices. It allows students to control the state and direction of four output channels that support a wide range of field devices. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn more about mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ</a>.
    <p>Allow you to immediately do some experiments. Additional Motors, encoders, lights, wiring, solenoids, electromagnets and any other component may be purchased separately. We recommend the&nbsp;Do Engineering Components Kit&nbsp;or visit the&nbsp;Spare Parts Store&nbsp;to create your own project.
    <li>Mini Switch</li>
    <li>flat plugs</li>
    <p><b>Note:</b>&nbsp; Additional Motors, encoders, lights, wiring, solenoids, electromagnets and any other component may be purchased separately. We recommend the <a href="" target="_blank">Do Engineering Components Kit</a> or visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Spare Parts Store</a> to create your own projects. <a href="" target="_blank"> Download Brochure</a>.

    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Workshop Kit 2021

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    The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics VMX/Titan Workshop Kit is used in the classroom for teaching, testing and doing research in mobile robotics. It includes each the essential components and is referenced in the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Shanghai 2022 training material.

    SR-Hover Self Balancing Robot


    The SR-Hover Self Balancing Robot from Studica Robotics is a pre-assembled, programmable WiFi robot ideal for teaching PID (Proportional–Integral–Derivative) controller skills. It includes a STM32 MCU with a Stepper Motor Driver Board, and Proportional–Integral–Derivative controller (PID).  With its built-in wifi-camera, it can be controlled using iOS/Android apps and with a PC through coding. This robot teaches more advanced robotics with an accelerometer and vision. The SR-Hover is recommended for high school and college level robotics and controls programs.


    VMX FRC Training Bot


    The Studica VMX FRC-compatible Training Bot (FRC Trainer) is a smaller, sturdy, lightweight, and less expensive robot than your typical FRC robot. If you have a large FRC team, often only a handful of students get to learn how to create and program your team’s costly competition robot.  The FRC Trainer solves this problem and is ideal for groups of two to three to participate in hands-on learning in a classroom environment.  Schools can equip their labs with multiple FRC Trainers, benefiting from the great value and compact size. Students can even take it home with them! 

    This affordable solution is intended for:

    • FRC teams that want to learn and train on a smaller and more affordable robot,
    • Schools looking for a way to teach FRC robotics in the classroom.
    • Schools that want to teach coding in the classroom through robotics.

    The FRC-compatible Trainer is an intelligent and autonomous robot that uses the VMX Advanced Robotics Controller which can be programmed in C++ and Java.  VMX’s multitude of modern digital communications interfaces and Linux-based operating system allow users to directly access most modern devices (e.g., Intel RealSense tracking and depth cameras and LIDAR).

    VMX-Pi Key Use Cases and Hardware/Software Features and Benefits
    VMI-Pi Key Use Case Document is available here