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    What is Field Robotics?

    Mobile Robotics in Education

    Field robotics is another term used to describe autonomous mobile robotics dedicated to expanding the capabilities of robots beyond structured and controlled environments. Field robots are mobile robots that are designed to perform in dynamic environments. These scenarios include robots working on farms, in forests, searching mines, exploring underwater, and even in the air. This can be challenging because robots must be automated to operate in unstructured surroundings. As a point of comparison, industrial robots work in various controlled and predictable factory settings. Field robotics technologies include navigation, sensing, planning, control, and safety. Creating reliable, smart, mobile robots that are capable of performing more efficiently than human-controlled robots in unpredictable settings is the primary purpose of field robotics. As a Global Partner of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition, Studica Robotics is honored to be highlighting the many benefits and applications of this crucial mobile robotics skill that prepares students with highly sought-after skills that impact not only students but also economies and innovation.


    Field Robotics Applications

    Field Robotics in Agriculture

    Creating a robot that works in unpredictable environments is quite a challenge. Field robotics requires the application of advanced robotics principles in control, reasoning, and sensing to expand the capabilities of robots beyond controlled environments, enabling them to address real-world challenges and improve various industries and applications.

    • Agriculture - As the upcoming WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition highlights, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) can be of great benefit to farming. Field robots can assist with planting, harvesting, and monitoring crops.
    • Exploration - These robots are ideal for exploration in space, the ocean, and hazardous environments to collect information in areas that are dangerous or difficult for people to access.
    • Search & Rescue - Searching for disaster survivors, assessing dangerous situations, and delivering supplies are other applications for field robots.
    • Environmental Monitoring - Field robots are useful for collecting and monitoring a variety of environmental data, this application will also be highlighted in the upcoming WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition.
    • Mapping & Surveying - Another application of field robotics that is part of the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition where advanced sensors will be used to perform topographic surveys, create accurate maps, and generate 3D models of the areas they explore.
    • Construction & Mining - These versatile robots can access dangerous areas, transport materials, and assist in a variety of construction tasks.


    Get Involved with WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    Studica takes pride in its role as a Global Partner and exclusive product supplier for the esteemed WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. Boasting over three decades of experience, Studica caters to customers in the education and industry sectors. Our dedicated Studica Robotics division is responsible for the top-notch design, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting-edge robotics technology products. These products are utilized by WorldSkills member countries to compete at various levels, from local to international, and also serve as valuable teaching aids. Being associated with this prestigious skill-building competition for mobile robotics is a source of great pride for us. If you are interested in getting involved in mobile and field robotics with WorldSkills, we encourage you to contact Studica. We will be happy to provide the information you need to get started!

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