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    New Classroom Robotics Kit Available

    The Classroom Robotics Kit from Studica Robotics is now available! This kit is ideal for use in the classroom and for robotics teams learning and preparing for robot competitions like FTC, FRC, WorldSkills, WRO, and RoboCup. The Studica Robotics platform is complete, affordable, and very compatible with other existing building systems. The VMX Robotics Controller allows you to program in C++, Java, Python, and ROS; making it a great teaching tool for coding and allowing students to prepare for competitions. This comprehensive building system offers a wide variety of hardware, electronics, motion, and structural components. There is also very little need for a machine shop because the structural components are all designed to work easily together.

    Classroom Robotics Kit

    This classroom robotics set includes a variety of parts that your students can use to create a robot. These robots can be used for competitions like the FIRST Tech Challenge. If your team aspires to take part in FTC but hasn't started yet, this is an excellent solution for getting up to speed and practicing. What will you find in this kit?

    • Classroom Robotics KitVMX Robotics Controller - This controller can be programmed in C++, Java, Python, and ROS. It can be used as a Robot Control System or Vision/Motion processor that supports C++ and Java. It integrates Gigabit Ethernet, USB3 prots, navX-IMU, and built-in Wifi and Bluetooth. It offers a multi-core Linux computing platform that offers lots of USB IO for expansion. It also has a CAN bus for high-speed, real-time communication between devices.
    • Titan Quad Motor Controller - This is a powerful, 4-channel CAN-based motor controller that includes a built-in fuse box (can be used for DC motors up to 20A).
    • Structure Components - This kit includes a variety of U-Channel and Low Profile U-Channel components. You'll find a variety of beams, flats, and brackets.
    • Motion Components - Including pulleys, servos, wheels, slides, bushings, rack and pinion set, and bearings.
    • You'll also get a storage bin, an assortment of screws and nuts, tools, a 12V 3000 mAh NiMH battery pack, and a charger.
    • View the complete list of all components.

    The video below gives some inspiration for what you can build using this kit and some customizations.

    Get Started with Studica Robotics

    It's time to Build Better Robots® - shop Studica Robotics for robot parts, robotics kits, structure components, motion components, electronics, and hardware. Studica offers a procurement program that allows you to create your own custom robotics kits. A Global Partner for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition with a reputation for technical expertise, Studica Robotics is an innovator committed to supporting the needs of the education and robotics competition communities. If you need assistance, please contact us - we will be happy to help.


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