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    Robotics Kits for Education and Competitions

    Robotics Kits for Education and Competitions

    Robotics KitsStudica Robotics is an innovative building system that offers a variety of robotics kits and parts designed to build a robot that is intelligent, professional, and adaptable. This building system is based on extruded aluminum channels, bearings, gears, and precision shafts. With a multipurpose hole pattern, components can be easily connected eliminating the need for a machine shop or other special equipment. Studica Robotics is also compatible with a variety of other building systems allowing the combination of electronics and structure. Studica Robotics is dedicated to supporting the needs of the robotics competition and education communities. With a reputation for robotics expertise, we serve as a Global Partner for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. We are the exclusive manufacturer and developer of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection, a comprehensive robotics kit that is required for the competition.

    Customizable Robotics Kits

    Build your own custom kits! In addition to training and robotics kits currently available, Studica Robotics offers a procurement program that allows you to create your own custom robotics kits. The minimum quantity is 250 kits. Our team of robotics experts can help you design a kit that meets all your needs. Contact Studica for more information.

    Freedom and Flexibility

    With Studica Robotics you can mix and match our pattern-based Channel with your existing robot systems to get the best of everything. Simply choose your control system such as the following and away you go!

      • NI myRIO & Studica Motor Driver
      • Studica VMX/Titan Control Bundle
      • Arduino with Motor Driver Shield
      • FTC Control & Power Bundle

    More from Studica Robotics

    Studica Robotics offers a wide variety of motion and structural components. We recently added powerful robot navigation sensors, robot controllers, and co-processors to our robotics product roster. We've also added slide rails, actuators, L-Beams, GT2 belts, and GT2 Pulleys. We also offer a wider variety of wheels to choose from including Mecanum, Omni, and Drive wheels. Our flex wheels can also be modified for better intake

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