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    WorldSkills Jamaica - National Skills Competition 2021

    WorldSkills Jamaica - National Skills Competition 2021

    Studica Robotics proudly supports the WorldSkills Jamaica National Skills Competition (NSC) 2021. This virtual event will take place on November 5th, 2021. You can register for this event here. The purpose of this competition is to create awareness, showcase skills, and promote Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Jamaica.

    WorldSkills Jamaica NSC Competition

    WorldSkills Jamaica Mobile RoboticsThe theme of this event is "Investing in Skills Development: Shaping the Future with the Power of Skills". The competition will be a blend of virtual and limited live face-to-face interactions from St. Elizabeth and Kingston. See dedicated young people showcase the skills that they have been developing to shape a better future for themselves, their country, and their families.

    The event includes a lively youth panel discussion about "Think Future, Think Skills" at the National TVET Youth Forum. The event will also include a "Skills, Career and Future of Work" Career Workshop and Booth Exhibits. The skills competitions this year will include Beauty Therapy, Mobile Robotics, Welding, Mobile Application Development, Plastering and Drywall Systems, IT Software Solutions for Businesses, and Wall and Floor Tiling. There will also be demonstrations of Optoelectronics Technology and Mechatronics.

    This event is great preparation for the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 International Skills Competition that will be held on October 22-27, 2022.

    Mobile Robotics

    As robots play an increasing role in our lives, the need for individuals increases across almost all industries including manufacturing, aerospace, medicine, agriculture, and mining. Mobile robotics involves the design, building, and maintenance of robots to solve problems. As a Global Partner of the Worldskills Mobile Robotics Competition, Studica Robotics also serves as the official product supplier. The Studica Robotics WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection is required for all teams competing in the competition. Everything needed to train and compete is included. There are over 1500 components included in this collection. Featured in the collection, you'll find the Studica VMX Robotics Controller for WorldSkills, the Servo Power Block, and the Titan Quad Motor Controller.  There are also motors, electronics, servos, mounts, brackets, beams, and more.

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