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    Delve into Mobile Robotics: What, Why and How

    When you hear the term "mobile robotics" what do you think it means? If you've heard the terms "intelligent robot" or "autonomous intelligent robot" those are both considered mobile robots. They can be completely autonomous or guided. In daily life, examples are an automated shuttle bus or even robots designed to do menial tasks in your home. All mobile robots have motors, sensors, and controllers. They also are legged, wheeled, or tracked.

    The Importance of Mobile Robotics

    WorldSkills Mobile RoboticsIntelligent mobile robots are revolutionizing everything around us. From normal day-to-day life to use in a variety of industries including mining, agriculture, aerospace, medicine, and manufacturing - these mobile robots are making a difference. They make many processes faster and safer. They can take on repetitive tasks. Engineers for these robots strive to develop, design, maintain, and research applications for robots to solve real-world issues. Concerns they are trying to address are efficiency, safety, and quality control.

    Mobile Robotics engineers must be familiar with microprocessors, logic, and computer programming. They need to understand and prepare specifications for a robot's capabilities to complete its tasks. The process starts with a design. Then moves into prototyping where the robot must be programmed and tested. The design is refined and continually tested until it achieves its goals and meets all requirements.

    How to Promote this Important Skill?

    WorldSkills Mobile RoboticsWorldskills is a movement of change dedicated to improving the lives of young people through the development of skills. They believe that skills can change lives by creating opportunities and connecting societies. Worldskills offers global competitions for 61 different skills including mobile robotics. This falls under the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology category. Part of the upcoming WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition is scheduled to take place in Bordeaux, France in October.

    Studica is a proud Global Partner. The authorized WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection, required to prepare for and compete in the competition, is available exclusively at Studica. This robotics kit features the Titan Motor Controller, Servo Power Block, and the Studica VMX Robotics Controller for WorldSkills. This comprehensive collection also includes a variety of Studica Robotics components including servos, motors, electronics, beams, gears, slides, mounts, U-Channel, and more. Studica Robotics offers a variety of robotics kits for competitions and education.

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