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    Spotlight on Colorado FIRST Robotics Programs

    ColoradoFIRST RoboticsAllow us to introduce you to Colorado FIRST. Their mission is to deliver top-notch FIRST® Robotics programs to students across Colorado while striving to develop future technology and business leaders. FIRST® offers a variety of programs that are designed to inspire today's youth to become the leaders and innovators of the future in the areas of science and technology. They are known for their mentor-based programs that nurture young people's abilities in STEM disciplines, spark creativity, develop crucial skills, and build self-confidence.

    Colorado FIRST Robotics Programs

    Colorado FIRST is responsible for overseeing robotics tournaments, providing support for teams, and collaborating with mentors. Studica Robotics is honored to be a sponsor of Colorado FIRST. ColoradoFIRST Robotics ProgramsThis organization is 100% volunteer and was founded in 2001 to achieve the mission of FIRST, embarking on a journey to identify, recruit, and develop the next generation of technical leaders in Colorado. To fulfill this mission, they actively collaborate with various industry and education partners. Their ongoing goal is to increase student participation year after year. With over 1,800 high schools, middle schools, and grade schools throughout Colorado, they aim to establish a robotics program in at least 75% of these institutions. This endeavor will bring the study of STEM concepts to all students, regardless of their socio-economic status or location. It's not just students who benefit from this program; it also fosters community relations, enhances technological literacy, and creates a pipeline for skilled interns and future employees.

    About Studica Robotics

    An innovative building platform that prioritizes quality and safety, Studica Robotics provides everything you need to build, learn, and compete. We offer a wide variety of structure and motion components, robotics kits, cutting-edge electronics, and hardware. ColoradoFIRST SponsorBuild a Mecanum chassis with our FTC Drive Base Kit. This is the perfect solution for your next drivetrain. This complete robot drive base kit provides all the materials needed to create a robust Mecanum chassis including 4 - NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotors with encoder cables, new clamping shaft hubs, 4 bumpers, and complete hardware. Studica Robotics also provides STEP 3D files for each part allowing you to easily design your robot in Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion 360, or Creo. The Mecanum wheels and gear motors create a very maneuverable and swift chassis. We also offer the FTC Starter Kit which includes a variety of parts for building robots for competitions.

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