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    Studica Robotics Joins Worlddidac Association

    Monday, November 13, 2023

    Studica Robotics is excited to announce that we have joined the Worlddidac Association as a Gold Member. This is the only global trade association dedicated to the educational resources industry. They are committed to the development of education across the globe. This begins a new era of innovation and collaboration in technology, robotics, and education.

    Worlddidactic Association Logo

    The Worlddidac Association is where education comes together on a global level. It is the premier global trade association for the educational resources industry. This association brings together diverse education sectors and national associations to collaborate on the mission to enhance global education. As the sole global association dedicated to this purpose, Worlddidac fosters a dynamic business forum, connecting members and partners globally to promote trade and investment within the education market, offering an agnostic approach to didactic systems and standards. 

    This membership marks a significant milestone for education and robotics across the globe. As an innovative company, Studica Robotics is distinguished for manufacturing and developing the comprehensive Studica Robotics Building System, which includes mechanical structures,  controllers, sensors, software, cutting-edge electronics, and resources.

    This membership aligns with Studica's mission to revolutionize education through technology. Our Robotics Building System is a versatile solution that empowers students to engage with robotics while fostering creativity and building problem-solving skills. This aligns with the pivotal role we play in robotics competitions worldwide, equipping participants with a platform that provides everything needed to spark innovation and nurture technical prowess.

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