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    Cultivating Excitement for WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one month until registration opens for the upcoming WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition. The competition will be held in Lyon, France in September of 2024. This is an amazing opportunity for students to compete on a global level and build key skills. This article will explore how robots are increasingly used in the agriculture industry where there aare possibly thousands of applications.

    Agriculture and Robots

    Robotics Agriculture IDTechExAutonomous mobile robots (AMR) can be of great benefit to agriculture. Fruit and vegetable farms face a variety of challenges. Robots can be used to increase productivity and profitability. Consider some of the repetitive menial tasks that are very demanding for human workers, robots can perform many of these tasks quickly and accurately. This reduces the time needed to complete key jobs and helps reduce labor costs. Workers can then focus more attention on the elements that require a human touch. Robots can be used to plant seeds, harvest, and package produce.

    Data monitoring is another essential task robots can be beneficial for. Sensors can be used to gather important data. They can measure temperature, PH levels in the soil, and other key factors. This data can be used to inform the decision-making process on a variety of topics including water management, crop nutrition & fertilization, pest management, seed & planting materials, and other crop management strategies. Robots can assist in revolutionizing the farming industry.

    Gearing Up for WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    All teams that register to compete in the upcoming Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition will be supplied with the official competition kit at no charge. Studica is the exclusive official supplier of the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Collection. Our Studica Robotics team carefully monitors each competition. We take note of how our products are performing and look for ways to improve. We also identify any new robot parts and technologies that can benefit teams. Our goal is to evolve year after year so competitors have the best possible materials to build with.

    This year, we have some exciting new additions to the collection:

    1. For improved distance measurements, we have added the 360 Degree LiDAR.
    2. To improve vision capabilities, we have added the 3D Depth Camera
    3. To easily navigate over uneven or rough surfaces, we have added All-Terrain Tires.

    How to Participate in this WorldSkills Event:

    1. Determine if your country is a WorldSkills member country. There are currently 85 countries that participate. Only WorldSkills member countries can compete.
    2. To join the competition your school/team will register with your local WorldSkills organization. Find their contact information here. So if you are a student who is interested, contact your teacher. Teachers reach out to your WorldSkills delegate to register.
    3. Delegates be sure to register your teams ASAP. Mark your calendars - registration opens June 10th, 2023.
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