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    All Terrain Pack


    • 4 - 110mm All-Terrain Tire 2/6mm Adapter  76250
    • 2 - Shock Absorber, 1/10 Aluminum, 100mm (2 pack)  76351-2
    • 1 - 6mm x 96mm D-Shaft (6 pack)  76161-6
    • 1 - Collar 6mm ID D-Shaft, 12mm OD (6 pack)  76304-6
    • 1 - Flange Bearing 6mm ID, 14mm OD, 15mm Flange (12 pack)  76302-12
    • 1 - Shaft Spacer Plastic 6mm ID x 10mm OD x 1mm L (24 pack)  76305-24
    MFR Part #: 70259
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    Cobra Line Follower Sensor

    (1724 In stock)

    The Cobra Line Follower Array provides 4 X QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor mounted on a 9mm pitch Each sensor is comprised of two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. When you apply power to the VCC and GND pins the IR LED inside the sensor will illuminate.

    The Studica Line Sensor Board consists of 4 IR LED/phototransistor pairs, making it a great detector for a line-following robot.  The Line Sensor Board allows the robot to tell objects or surfaces apart based on how dark or light they are. It shines a beam of infrared light out onto the object, and measures how much light is reflected back.

    Each sensor provides a separate analog voltage output. The sensor board is an infrared emitter/receiver that is able to differentiate between a dark surface (with low IR reflectivity – 3.3V to 5V) and a light surface (with high IR reflectivity – 0V to 0.5V). However, this range can vary depended on the installed height of the sensor board. 

    The optimum height distance is 3-5 mm; however, the reflectivity values will change depending on distance. A daylight filter is built into the sensor.

    • 5VDC operating voltage (recommended)
    • 70mA supply current
    • Optimal sensing distance: 0.125" (3mm)
    • Step File

    34 Pin MXP extender cable - 8 inch

    (637 In stock)

    NavX2-Micro, 9-axis Inertial/Magnetic Sensor w/Case

    (21 In stock)

    The navX2-Micro with case is a 9-axis inertial/magnetic sensor and sophisticated motion controller.  



    • High Accuracy, Low-latency Yaw, Pitch and Roll Angles 
    • Automatic Accelerometer/Gyroscope Calibration 
    • Quaternions and Gravity-corrected Linear Acceleration 
    • High-sensitivity Motion Detection 
    • Tilt-compensated Compass Heading 
    • 9-Axis absolute heading w/Magnetic disturbance detection


    NavX-2 Micro, 9-axis Inertial/Magnetic Sensor

    (282 In stock)

    The navX-2 Micro is the greatest sensor for orientation in competitive robots. navX2-Micro is a second-generation 9-axis inertial/magnetic sensor and motion processor. Designed for plug-n-play installation onto robots such as those used in the WorldSkills Robotics, FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) and the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC), navX2-Micro helps build better robots by adding sophisticated navigation capabilities. Significant improvements over the classic navX-Micro allow for more accuracy, decreased yaw drift, and faster boot time. navX-2 Micro includes software algorithms for enhanced sensor calibration as well as KalmanFilter-based data fusion combining gyro, accelerometer, and magnetometer data into a 9-axis heading and high-quality magnetometer calibration including magnetic disturbance detection.
    In addition to being an Inertial Measurement Unit, navX-Micro capabilities are referred to within the aerospace industry as an “Attitude/Heading Reference System” (AHRS). Kauailabs brings this high-tech AHRS capability to FIRST teams – to use, learn, and explore. navX-Micro is a key component of Kauailabs’ ongoing efforts to make state-of-the-art navigation technologies used in drones and autonomous vehicles (e.g., the Google Car) available to robotics students and enthusiasts as low-cost, open-source products.

    Improvements over navX "Classic":
    navX2-Micro features a new set of IMU & Magnetometer sensors with superior sensor specifications to those on the MPU-9250 sensor. This board has a faster 180Mhz microcontroller and an optimized startup time at 5 seconds versus 15 seconds. In addition, it has a completely new Kalman Filter-based Sensor Fusion algorithm running internally at a blazing fast 416Hz. 

    RoboRIO Installation
    It's recommended to connect to the RoboRIO using a USB Mini-B type (Male) to USB A type (Male) connector, navX-Micro can receive both power and also communicate with the RoboRIO. This preferred installation method allows the navX-Micro circuit board to be placed up to 6 meters away from the RoboRIO.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  To avoid having the navX-Micro reset due to a RoboRIO brownout, connecting the navX-Micro to the RoboRIO via USB is highly recommended.

    Power Control Panel

    (774 In stock)

    Power Control Panel for WorldSkills Mobile Robot

    • Blue panel
    • Emergency Stop
    • Green and red indicator lights showing Stopped and Running states
    • On/Off Switch
    • Three momentary switches for stopping, starting and resetting

    Mecanum Wheel B Set (2 left - 2 right - 100mm - Bearings - w/6mm Hub)

    (0 In stock)

    Studica 100mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheel Left and Right Slant w/6mm Hub and  steel ball bearings. With blue aluminium frame and yellow rollers.  Wheel comprised of 9 yellow rollers is able to move in any direction. Rollers are set at 45° to the axis of rotation of the wheel.  Rollers are mounted with steel ball bearings,making roll more fluent.


     Wheel Specifications: 

    • Diameter:                                                100mm
    • Width:                                                       50m
    • Number of Rollers:                                 9  
    • Number of Plates each wheel:             2
    • Body material:                                        Aluminium alloy
    • Roller material:                                       Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP)
    • Spacer Material:                                     Nylon
    • Length of roller:                                     19mm
    • Weight:                                                    354gm              

    Hub Specifications:

    • Inside Diameter:                                    6mm
    • Outside Diameter :                                22mm
    • Bore Length:                                          15mm
    • Weight:                                                   32g


    Wheel Pack

    (0 In stock)


    • 4 - 100mm Drive Wheel, 50A, 12.5mm wide, 1/2" Inner Hex, Blue  76261
    • 4 - 100mm Drive Wheel, 50A, 25mm wide, 1/2" Inner Hex, Blue  76262
    • 4 - 50mm Drive Wheel, 50A, 25mm wide, 1/2" Inner Hex, Blue  76269
    • 4 - Omni Wheel (100mm, Double Plastic, w/ integrated 6mm Hub)  76260
    • 2 - 6mm x 96mm D-Shaft (6 pack)  76161-6
    • 1 - 6mm x 432mm D-Shaft (2 pack)  76162-2
    • 1 - Bushing Bronze 6mm ID x 8mm OD (12 Pack)  76300-12
    • 1 - Bushing Bronze 6mm ID x 14mm OD (12 Pack)  76301-12
    • 1 - Flange Bearing  6mm ID, 14mm OD, 15mm Flange (12 Pack)  76302-12
    • 3 - 6mm Shaft Hub (4 pack)  76284-4
    • 2 - Collar 6mm ID D-Shaft, 12mm OD (6 pack)  76304-6
    • 1 - Shaft Spacer Plastic 6mm ID x 10mm OD x 1mm L (24 pack)  76305-24