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    WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, Mobile Robotics - Bordeaux, France

    On the 19th to 22nd of October, the Mobile Robotics 2022 Competition in Bordeaux, France will challenge competitors to build a robot that will manage the distribution of essential items in a hospital environment. Competitors must design, build and program robots that will autonomously read instructions on a wall board and then pickup and deliver medical supplies to specified hospital rooms. Vice versa, dispensary support robots will be required to autonomously recognize, pickup and deliver hazardous material to the hazardous material dispensary bin. Below are sample court layouts.

    Before the start of the competition, teams will be provided with one set of the following Studica Robotics equipment. This will be new equipment which teams will have to use to build their robots.

    1 - WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, Mobile Robotics Collection

    1 - WSC2022SE Challenge Elements

    1 - WSC2022SE Accessory Kit

    1 - WSC2022SE Gurney

    1 - WSC2022SE Wall Board Instruction Set

    1 - WSC2022SE Work Order Board


    Full details can be found in the following Test Project Competitor Information Document -  downloaded here. 


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