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    Results are in from the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition

    We are so excited to share the results of the WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition Mobile Robotics competition that was held in Bordeaux, France in October. Before we do, we want to express our gratitude to WorldSkills, all the competitors, and all those dedicated to making this event happen. This is an important event to build awareness and skills in Mobile Robotics. It was so exciting to see teams from all over the world competing again.


    Results: WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics WinnersBefore we list the results, we want to celebrate all the teams and competitors. Everyone did a remarkable job and we appreciate your efforts. Here are the results from Skill 23, Mobile Robotics, WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition.

    • Gold Medal: Team China with Kunpeng Hou and Gaoyuan Tang - 803 points.
    • Silver Medal: Team Korea with Youngseo Kwak and Hanho Gwak - 787 points.
    • Bronze Medal: Team Japan with Ryo Iwamoto and Koko Kawakami  - 769 points.

    Medallion for Excellence Recipients:

    • Team India with Muhammed Faisal Poolakunnan and Muhammed Siyad Palayi
    • Team Chinese Taipei with Hao-Chun Chang and Yi-Feng Lin
    • Team Colombia with Andrés Camilo Pulido Gonzalez and Omar Alexis García Falla
    • Team Austria with Marvin Gornicec and Florian Rauch
    • Team United Arab Emirates with Rashed Shah and Ahmad Alhashmi
    • Team Hong Kong, China with Ka Kit Gavin Lui and Hok Ming Cheng


    Kudos to all the other teams that competed for their efforts at this WorldSkills Mobile Robotics competition including Team Kazakhstan, Team Finland, Team Iran, Team France, Team South Africa, Team Jamaica, Team Saudi Arabia, and Team Uzbekistan.


    Take a look at Team China's gold-winning robot in action!


    About this Year's Competition

    This year, the competition was focused on the increasing role of mobile robots to support medical staff in a hospital setting. The mobile robots were tasked with managing the distribution of essential items for the hospital. The WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition Mobile Robotics competition gave teams the mission to design, build and operate a mobile robot that could meet the following requirements.

    1. The robot must read and interpret information presented on the "Work Order Board" in the performance environment.
    2. Robots must move in Autonomous Control Mode within the provided performance evaluation environment.
    3. Robots must take control of the various target objects including cubes and gurneys from different locations and deliver them to the specified destination locations in the performance environment.

    You can read the complete competition details. Required equipment for this competition includes the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, Mobile Robotics Collection. This kit provides over 1,500 robotic components including brackets, beams, wheels, motors, servos, electronics, and much more. Teams also get the following items: challenge elements, the work order board, a gurney kit, an accessory kit, and the wall board instruction set. Learn more about the WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition in Bordeaux, France.


    About Studica Robotics

    Since 2014, Studica has been a proud supporter of WorldSkills. Studica Robotics is now a Global Partner as well as the exclusive product supplier of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition for Special Edition 2022, Lyon 2024, and the 2026 competition. We develop and manufacture our own robotics building system that includes a wide variety of items including controllers, sensors, mechanical structure components, and electronics. Our robot build system is used in education and in competitions around the world. We offer a wide variety of robot parts that are strong, affordable, and compatible with many build systems.

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