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    Announcing the WorldSkills Museum

    The WorldSkills Museum is the first of its kind. This new museum is completely devoted to vocational skills. The purpose of this exhibition is to tell the story of skills and skilled workers. It allows you to reflect on the past, explore the present, and imagine where the future will take us. WorldSkills International and WorldSkills China collaborated to make this museum a reality. You’ll find this exhibition on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China in a restored Wing On textile storehouse.

    What Will You Find at the WorldSkills Museum?

    This museum is an experience that takes you through the fascinating world of skills. It is both an educational and exciting way to learn how skills change worlds. Explore the importance of skills for innovation, economic prosperity, and ensuring a sustainable future. Navigate engaging interactive and digital resources and investigate physical artifacts that have been donated by WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Members, competitors, experts, private collections, and Global Partners like Studica. There is also a section that celebrates the WorldSkills movement. You'll find trophies and metals from almost every competition held since 1950 and get a better understanding of the origins, growth, and expansion of this amazing organization dedicated to improving our world with the power of skills. Plus, you can hear personal stories that illustrate the impact this organization has made on so many. There are over 800 items to view in this beautiful 2,500-square-meter space.

    WorldSkills Museum Studica Robotics Exhibit

    Mobile Robotics on Display

    WorldSkills Museum Studica Robotics Game

    Studica is honored to be one of the Global Partners included in this exhibit. Our history with WorldSkills began with the 43rd WorldSkills Competition held in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015. We are proud to be both a Global Partner of WorldSkills and the official exclusive supplier of the WorldSkills Autonomous Robotics Competition for the Lyon 2024 and Shanghai 2026 competitions. Our contributions to the museum include the hands-on Studica Robotics Waste Management video game, all the components included in the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 Mobile Robotics Collection, and a mobile robot that was built from that competition.

    WorldSkills Museum Studica Robotics Robot

    The WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition pivoted to become the WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition Mobile Robotics competition held in Bordeaux, France in response to the pandemic and control restrictions in China. The WorldSkills organization did an amazing job making this happen and we are so glad the competition will return to Shanghai in 2026. The Competition Collection features the Studica VMX Robotics Controller for WorldSkills, the Titan Quad Motor Controller, and the Servo Power Block. There are over 1500 components such as electronics, motors, servos, U-Channel, mounting plates, flat brackets, irregular brackets, flat beams, gears, sprockets, pulleys, belts, axles, slides, rack & pinion, wheels, bushings, bearings, couplings, collars, spacers, screws, nuts, standoffs, and other accessories. The challenge was to create mobile robots to help medical staff in a hospital setting.  View more details of the competition and the competition outcomes

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